Smartek Platform

With this release, Smartek platform has evolved to a suite of modules and features that helps not just managing your contractors or customer compliances - it also helps to manage and stay on top of your own company and employee compliances. Smartek is configurable to tailor your operations including online training, access control, vetting compliances and more. 

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Account Management

With this release, we included multiple improvements to the overall account management experience. You can now configure "Operating Locations" for your organization, create and assign user groups for your employees and there are improved search capabilities for locations, employees, contractors and customers. We have moved and renamed a few features to improve the overall experience of the Smartek platform.

Check our the notes below for the changes related to Account Management.

Company Profile

  • We added ability to add more information about your company including "About" and "Website". This will help your customer when they required more information and would like to know more about you.
  • Operating locations can be configured for your company profile, this will help in managing your own compliances.
    • Operating locations can be further configured against employees. It helps in managing your compliances related to the location or a state that they generally work in.
  • There is a new feature called "User Groups", it allows to create your own user groups and assign your employees  to these groups. User groups can have multiple email addresses that will help in other parts of the Smartek system. For example, you can configure the notifications to go to user groups instead of a single employee.


  • We improved the overall employee management feature adding search by status and alphabets.
  • Ability to re-invite, deactivate and re-activate an employee.
  • Ability to assign user groups to each employee.
  • Improved experience for adding an employee, you can now configure permissions while adding new employees.


  • We added ability to assign tags to each location. Tags allows you capture more location specific information like type of operations, business unit, etc. Contractors then can nominate themselves to a location tag at the time of requests to access the location. Once locations and contractor' location tags are assigned, this captured information can be configured for dashboard and reporting purpose. You will be able to see the snapshot of compliant vs non-compliant contractors with the configured tags related to your business operations.

Inviting a Contractor

  • Generate your invitation code to invite a contractor with more pre-defined information attached to each invitation code. An invitation code can be generated in multiple ways where you can assign a multiple roles, multiple locations and an account manager. Companies that link to you via this new invitation code will automatically be configured with the information connected with the invitation code.
  • Generated invitation codes visible for up to 90 days or until expired, each code has a feature to view the number of companies and company's details that have linked via the selected invitation code.

General Improvements

  • Renamed "My subscriptions" to "Purchase Credits", and moved order history into this view. You can download the invoice for your purchase on credits and registrations. From this release, you will also receive the email notification with the invoice attached and the necessary information required.
  • Improved the design for requesting access to locations. From this release onwards employees can be assigned to a customer location before receiving customer approval. Employee and company location access will stay pending until customer has approved. Once customer has approved the access, assigned employee locations will automatically be approved.
  • We have added more searchable information to help manage your contractors. You will be able to view contractors trade services and contact details and be able to search by services and their status. Also, we have added shortcut links over company name to navigate directly to their compliance overview and induction overview.

Dashboard [Preview]

Gain visibility into your company and contractors by adding one or more widgets or charts to your dashboard. Dashboard is highly configurable to provide you and organization with flexibility to share information, monitor compliant status and improve overall compliant status. Each user can tailor their own dashboard or can create a dashboard to share with their team.

Get started with adding, editing, adding widgets and delete dashboard.

Library [Preview]

Library gives you a way to store files for your organization. Use the library to organize and upload files to share with your organization. The current release comes with very basic feature including uploading and downloading files. We are committed to adding more features in the future to benefit from the library in Smartek. Please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or improvements required from this feature.

Compliances and Permits

With this release in the Compliance Management module, we focused on a lot of your feedback and have implement new feature that streamline the user experience in the Smartek. You can view overall compliant status of any contractor OR your compliance overview for any customer. We have added the ability to manage permit to work where you can request for permit and submit for permit for any work required. Also, from this release you can stay on top of your own company compliances and employee compliances.

Check out the notes below for the changes related to Compliances and Permits.

Company Overview - Contractor/Customer

  • We added the ability to view the one page overview of your contractor OR for your customer. Overview features at a glance shows you your current subscription, compliant status with the end date, number of employees that are linked and their compliant status.
  • Includes the ability to view/submit the required compliances for your relationship with the customer.

Permits [Preview]

  • Ability to design your own permit to work forms, publish the forms for your contractors or for your own staff.
  • Contractors can view the list of all permit forms and can submit the permit prior to work commencing.
  • All permits submitted goes through the life cycle that includes draft permits, pending approval permits, approved permits, request to close and finally closing the permits.
  • All permits capture information including description of work, start date, end date, individuals that require the permit. It also captures the activity on the permit with comments and photos.
  • Appropriate notifications are triggered for each step of the permit progress until finally closed.

General Improvements

  • We have added more searchable information to help manage your contractors. You will be able to view contractors trade services, overall compliant status  and contact details. You will also be able to search by services and their status.
  • Custom form / Custom compliance design now includes new Email and Date picker types fields.
  • Ability to filter the vetting compliances by a company.
  • Approval action and Rejection action are not configurable per compliance types. You can set each compliance with its own action that includes
    • No Evidence Required
    • Comments Required - user comment will be required at the time of approving or rejecting a compliance
    • Comments and File Attachment Required - user comment and file evidence will be required at the time of approving or rejecting a compliance.
  • General improvements for stability and user experience are implemented throughout this module.

Inductions and Courses / Visitors & Contractor Attendance

General Improvements

  • General improvements for stability and user experience are implemented throughout these modules.
  • Ability to customize the "Purpose of Visit" for each location as apposed to manual entry for the visitor.
  • Ability to renew your induction or course once it reaches the expiry.
  • Improved course upload, you are now able to download the course zip file once uploaded to the system.

Road ahead

  • Better customer / contractor relationship management features including adding notes and documentation for each company.
  • Integrations with third party tools including open path access control system and SALTOS access control system.
  • Asset, Plant and equipment module.
  • Calendar / Scheduler features for entire Smartek platform for helping in planning and execution of various aspects of Smartek.

How to provide feedback

We would love to hear what you think about these features. Please report any problems or suggest a feature through our support channel OR check our knowledge base.