To provide more value to customers that use Smartek, the system has been broken down into separate sections that we call 'Modules'. Each module serves as home to the different features that help customers manage their workforce.

The blue menu on the left of your screen will change as you move between the modules, with only the most relevant tabs visible to you depending on the module you've selected. 

Our Modules:

The Admin & Setup module is the key administrative module where you'll be able to bulk import your data (i.e. Employees, Locations and Assets) and setup key elements of your account like Roles and Inductions.
The Smartek Core is the home module. You can use this module to setup your company profile, add employees and locations, invite new contractors and view your existing ones. 
The Compliance & Permits module is to enforce and ensure compliance. You can view all compliances here (your own / your contractor's / your employee's), configure your own compliances, and complete vetting. 
The Inductions and Courses module is used to induct and train your workforce. You can also use this module to review the completion status of your inductions.
The Visitor & Contractor Attendance module is for customers using site access. This module can be used to control who gains access to your sites.
The Asset Management module can be used to manage and track your company's assets, where you can also create and manage relevant work orders.

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