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This article will demonstrate how a user can find their dashboard and add widgets. A Widget is a relatively simple and easy to use application which provides information on your account.

Locate your Dashboard

1. Sign into Smartek and find the Dashboard tab in the "Start Here" Section

2. If you cant see the above Dashboard tab, make sure you are in the Main Smartek Management Module by clicking on the Navigation Icon.

3. Click Smartek Management

4. Now, click on the Dashboard Feature and start off by creating a Dashboard.

How to Create a Dashboard

1. In the top, right corner, click on "New Dashboard"

2. Enter the name of the new Dashboard, and select if you want your Team to be able to view it, or only yourself as a User.

3. Then Click Submit. (You can make multiple dashboards)

4. If you have multiple Dashboards, you can select which dashboard you would like to view by clicking the dropdown box.

Adding a widget to your Dashboard

1. Click ADD WIDGET to add a new widget to your dashboard .

2. Various Widget options will appear.

3. Drag preferred Widgets across into your Dashboard.

4. Some widgets will require set up after being dragged onto the Dashboard. It will prompt you if this is the case. Please click the settings / gear button on the right side of the widget, and follow the prompts to set up the widget. Note - Not all widgets need to be set up or configured.


Other Options for your Dashboard

1. You will see there is also an Edit, Full Screen and Delete Button.

The Edit Button allows you to change the name of your Dashboard, or change the setting of User / Team viewable.

The Full Screen allows you to expand the screen to show only the dashboard. This is ideal for a live monitor view.

The Delete button is to remove Dashboards that are no longer in use.

Next Steps

New Widgets are set to be released in the future, though if you have any specific requirements for a Widget, reach out to your contact at Smartek.

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.