Use our shortcuts located at the top left and right-hand sides of your Smartek portal to navigate our system effortlessly.

The following will explain each icon in detail so that you can become a pro!

Smartek Icons


This icon has been created for users to easily return to the Smartek Home page.

Located at the top left of your screen, if you click this button, it will take you back to the home page if you need to do basic admin things such as;

  • Add or Link Employees
  • Update your Smartek Account
  • Purchase Credits

Smartek Support

If you are having trouble using Smartek click on this icon to either 'raise a ticket' or access our knowledge base.

You can use the search function on our knowledge base to locate anything you need assistance with.

Smartek Notifications

This shortcut has been added so that you can easily communicate with your workforce. Similar to push notifications on your phone, when you receive a Smartek notification, you will be notified here. 

If you click on the icon it will preview your messages and provide you with the option to view all.

Account Switcher

If you are an employee associated with multiple companies that use Smartek, this icon can be used to switch between accounts.

For this to work you will need to make sure you have added yourself in both company accounts and each employee account has the same email.

Module Switcher

The purpose of this icon is to change between Smartek modules. When you click on it, a drop-down will appear listing all Smartek Modules.

This icon is useful in instances where you might need to;

  • View compliances (located in Smartek Compliance Module)
  • View compliance summary (located in Compliance Module)
  • Manage inductions (located in Induction Module)
  • Check my visitors on site. (located in Site Access Module)


When you click on this icon a drop-down will appear and allow you to logout of your session.

Troubleshooting - Smartek Knowledge Base

Located at the bottom of your screen is a Help button. 

When you click on this icon it will expand and give you two options

  • Search field - Troubleshooting material
  • "Let us know how we can help" -  Raise a ticket and contact our support team.

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.