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If you are interested in taking your approach to the next level, consider our modules and packages below!

Smartek Modules

Smartek Core

The purpose of this module is to assist you in managing your account. From this module you can:

You can also:

Compliance Management

This module is home to all compliances. From here you can:

  • Create and configure your own site compliances 
  • Fulfill compliances required by one of your Customers
  • Review the compliances that you have received

Online Induction

The online induction module is a learning management system that can facilitate your online courses to train/induct your workforce.

From this module you can:

  • Add courses
  • Upload media
  • Configure courses to a location

Site Access

Typically used in conjunction with the Compliance and Online induction modules, the Site Access module enables you to control who enters your sites at specific locations.

From this module you can:

  • Manage Visitor attendance
  • Manage Contractor attendance 
  • Add a Quick Induction
  • Add a Kiosk (QR Code)

Our main method to manage this is through QR codes, but we can integrate with access control systems as well.

Permits (under the Compliance Management module)


Located within our Compliance module, the permit to work system is an add-on that enables you to digitise and manage your permits easily.

Some features of this include:

  • Creating permits 
  • Submitting permits 
  • Monitoring progress of permits
  • Approving/Rejecting Permits

Smartek Packages

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