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After you have registered your company and successfully linked to a customer, you will be able to complete the required compliances requested. Usually, compliances are required at the company and employee level. 

After a compliance is submitted it enters what we call a 'vetting queue' where your response is reviewed and either approved/rejected within 1-2 business days.

If a response is rejected, you will receive a notification via email with information on why your response could not be accepted and how to resolve it.

This article will outline;

  • Where to locate Company compliances
  • How to complete company compliances

Locating Compliances

All company and employee compliances are located in Compliances and Permits (Compliance Management Module). Each time you need to update your company compliances, you will need to navigate to this module.

Within this module, the compliances required for your customer can be found in the Compliances tab. Once you have located them, click on the compliance to provide your response.

Each time you submit a compliance, it will enter the vetting queue for review and approval.

Next Steps

Whilst you are waiting for your compliances to be approved, make a start to the employee compliances and inform your employees to sign up if they haven't already.

Employee compliances can be submitted by the employee as well as the company admin. Admins will need to navigate to the Employee Compliances tab to manage and monitor this if required.

Next Steps

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