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After the company admin has added you as an employee, you will receive an email invitation to sign up.

The steps below will outline how to sign up. If you have not received an email invitation you can still sign up from the Smartek login page as long as you use the same email that has been entered in by the company admin.

Smartek will recognise the email address and automatically sign you in.


1. Open your email and look for an email from Smartek. 

2. Click Sign Up from the email invitation

3. Enter your email and click send verification code.

4. You will then receive another email with an invitation code.  

5. Copy the code you have received and enter it into the space provided in Smartek. 

6. Click Verify Code button.

7. Create your password and provide your full name

8. Click the Create button.

9. Agree to Smartek Terms and Privacy Policy

10. You will then be logged in! Update your profile and begin completing compliances and inductions from the shortcuts on your overview page.

Next Steps

Complete your Profile

Complete Compliances

Complete Inductions

Check if you are Compliant

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.