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Depending on your Customer and their requirements, as an employee, you might need to complete online inductions. The article below provides instructions on how to complete inductions that have been requested by a customer. Usually, these will be site-specific inductions if you are accessing a specific location.


From your home page, click on the My Inductions shortcut. 

Select the Customer that you need to complete the induction for and click the Start button to begin the Induction

Watch the video and answer questions. Click the Finish button at the top right of screen when you have reached the end.


Once you have passed the induction, the status will update to show that it has been completed. 

Please note, that once you have started an induction you have the option to pause it and re-continue at another time. Simply close the induction and when you next login it will show a 'continue' button as seen below for you to resume your session.


Next Steps

Use the Check My Access feature in Smartek to verify if you are compliant for your customer.

Need more Assistance?

Raise a ticket and get in touch with a Smartek representative.