What's new in July 2022 Release

With this update, we released general improvements and updates for Smartek platform. Please see below list of improvements.



  • Contractors can now assign locations to themselves without seeking approval. This features is configurable and can be turned on by Smartek. Please contact support if you would like to know more about this feature.
  • Dashboard and Library is now generally available.
  • Invitation code that allows to invite a contractor is now editable and can modified as required including extending the expiry dates.

Visitor and Contractor Access 

  • Ability to look up visitors for any date in past by selecting the data filter and ability to export visitors information in excel.
  • Kiosk improvements now includes
    • optional induction requirement for visitors
    • Configurable mobile number for SMS notification when a visitors is allowed or denied entry.
  • Integration with OpenPath access control system, 

Compliances and Permits

  • Improved "Check Access" feature with ability to check the compliant status at company level and optionally for employees that need access to the site. This features helps to check your compliant status against your customer and the other way check compliant status of your contractor when you are the customer.
  • Added ability to copy permit type and its design from an existing permits type.
  • Ability to manage your own compliances and employee compliances. This feature now includes ability vet and approve compliances for internal use. Please contact support if you would like to know more about this feature. 

Inductions and Course

  • Ability to see results of a Scorm course attempted by your audience, this feature only available to users with contributor and higher permissions.

Road ahead

  • Improved customer/contractor relationship management features including adding notes and documentation for each company. 

  • Integrations with third-party tools  SALTOS access control system. 

  • Asset, Plant and Equipment module. 
  • Calendar/Scheduler features for entire Smartek platform aiding in planning and execution of various aspects of Smartek. 

How to provide feedback

We would love to hear what you think about these features. Please report any problems or suggest a feature through our support channel OR check our knowledge base.