What's new in November 2022 Release


Our November release includes general feature improvements and updates for the Smartek platform, please see below.


Customer Overview

As a contractor you are now able to see one page overview of your information for the customer. Overview page is designed to show and manage information including Linked employees, locations, your compliance status and current standing information for the relationship of the customer. This feature supports a few additional features including:

  1. Assign roles suitable for the relationship.
  2. General Notes and comments for the relation.
  3. Assign suitable roles to employee from the Link Employees tab.


Contractor Overview

As a customer you are able to see a one page overview of your contractor. The overview page shows a detailed view of your contractor, their employees, and current compliance status. This feature supports few additional features, including:

  1. Suspend a contractor's employee account, add comments and view history, as well as the ability to revoke the suspension.
  2. Ability to assign/manage contract managers to the relation.
  3. View and modify contractor roles for a contractor
  4. General Notes and comments for the relation.
  5. Ability to change the supplier relation to contractor relation


Smartek Account Administration & Setup

With this release, we reorganise/rearrange a few features that are required at the time of the initial setup. The following features are included or moved from other areas of the Smartek system:

  1. Divisions - ability to manage divisions
  2. User Groups - feature to create groups for your employees and users. It allows the ability to assign/remove/view users from the groups. For each user group you can enter your group email address for notifications purposes.
  3. Import Data - Import Employees, Locations and Assets
    • You can speed up your account setup by importing data into Smartek, including employees, locations and assets. 
  4. Form Library
    • Form library allows a user to design your own forms and requirements that will have their own unique use throughout the Smartek system. 
  5. Invoice - View history of purchases and download invoices.
  6. Course & Course Configuration - Existing feature moved away from Induction and Courses Module.
  7. Roles, Asset Types, Work Order Types and Financial Delegation
    • Existing features moved away from the Smartek management module.


General Improvements and New Features

  1. Ability to assign/view an Account Owner for the company account. For a newly registered Smartek company account, the first user automatically becomes the account owner of the company. 
  2. Configure location opening hours for each of your locations. This feature will further assist visitor management and reporting.
  3. Contractor lookup - ability to search for contractors now includes compliance status and managing users.
  4. View inductions and the induction status in compliance overview for contractor employees.
  5. Ability to record private comments for compliances, visibility of the private comments is limited to the creator company account.
  6. Ability to download raw data from all configured dashboard widgets.
  7. Preconfigure compliance type with rejection notes and reasons. This feature allows for faster vetting where users can select preconfigured reasons to reject a compliance.
  8. Support for recording mobile and phone numbers in international format throughout system. 
  9. Improved document vetting for individual companies and employees, as opposed to vetting random documents from different companies in the queue.


  • Improved permit history search and filters with date pickers.
  • Permits are available to download once approved.


  • Ability to perform trial on all scorm courses and inductions
  • Improved overall search on all features of the Induction module, made it easier to find the induction status for employees and contractors.


Visitor and Contractor Access 

  • NFC tags support for all kiosks, please contact your account manage for implementation and further information.
  • Register a visitor manually, where a visitor couldn't sign in via QR codes or other alternative methods.
  • Ability to disable manual sign out via visitor's pass. This allows users to Sign in and Sign out via same method.
  • Improved self sign in for visitors - Smartek now allows to search visitor via mobile number so visitors proceed to sign in faster.
  • Exporting visitor data improvements.

Road ahead

  • Integrations with third-party Torus and Keywatcher.

How to provide feedback

We would love to hear what you think about these features. Please report any problems or suggest a feature through our support channel OR check our knowledge base.