What's new in February 2023 Release


This release includes general feature improvements and updates for the Smartek platform, please see below.

Smartek Management

  • Improvements to contractor search and list page, with improved searchability. You can also "Star" your favourite contractor and be able to search and filter the contractor.
  • Ability to suspend & revoke a contracting company. Once suspended no employees are allowed access the site when checked via the access control system provided by Smartek.


Visitor and Contractor Attendance

Kiosk - Label Printing

Introducing label printing for your visitors arriving on site. To learn more about how to get set up and get started please contact your account manager. Smartek supports Dymo Label Writer 550 Turbo for label printingLabel printing works with Smartek - Kiosk via app, Smartek-Mobile app, and QR Code visitor sign-in.

Kiosk - Integration with Integriti, Torus & KeyWatcher

Introducing integration with 3 new access control systems including Integriti, Torus, and KeyWatcher. To learn more about how to get set up and get started please contact your account manager.

Kiosk - Additional Features

  • Configure and capture documents from a visitor that you may require for your site operations.
  • Improved visitor digital pass with includes site documents and access to site keys.

Road ahead

  • Improvements to getting started with your new customer. We are developing a step-by-step wizard to simplify and speed up to get you started with your customers.
  • Bulk import of contractor companies to invite and get them started with Smartek.
  • Xero & MYOB compatible visitor export.
  • Editable and configurable notification engine.
  • Ability to capture vetting guidelines.

How to provide feedback

We would love to hear what you think about these features. Please report any problems or suggest a feature through our support channel OR check our knowledge base.